Bolseth Group Nigeria launches Glorby – Mobile App for outsourcing tasks and jobs in Nigeria

Bolseth Group is an Entrepreneur and Investment firm based in Lagos, recently launched  GLORBY – a mobile online platform based on the popular Sharing Economy Concept that will assist individuals and corporate organizations to source for skill seamlessly.  The mobile app is a safe, reliable online and mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource jobs and tasks to others in their local area.

The platform is available for all devices and Operating Systems through Web browser, Android and iOS App. It can be downloaded  for free

“We have taken measures to ensure that Taskers have adequate skills to deliver the jobs. With this platform, you can be rest assured that whatever Taskers that you are contacting on our platform is a top notch. “Trust and safety are our top priority. Every Tasker has been thoroughly vetted by our Background Check Partner, this way you can feel safe to let strangers come to your home to perform tasks.” He added

The Glorby  mobile application is embedded with a secured mobile  payment platform (Remita) that has passed various stages of encryption.  “Our Taskers undergo an extensive background check and in-person interview before joining the Glorby community. They´re professional, highly rated and always ready to work. Every task is insured up to $1 million dollar. And our talented Customer Support Team is available to help you every hour of the day.” Said  Samuel E

Glorby is the next App to watch out for in 2017, as it has the capacity to generate 10,000 new jobs and make existing one to flourish. It a community base project with aim to alleviate poverty and get more younger ones to be productive.

They plan to expand from Lagos to the other big cities and soon cover the most of Nigeria. Within some years, they want to see their self in other African countries.

While the benefit to government is also numerous as it helps  reduce the current unemployment rate by generating more job and tax from all job done. We call on State, Federal and other government parastatals like Ministry of Youth Development to Partner with us on this project.

Bolseth Group consists of several companies. We are into investments, innovation, entrepreneurship, information technology and real estate.

The company was founded by two Entrepreneurs:

Christoffer Bolseth (Chief Executive Officer) from Norway, a serial entrepreneur since 2005, when he started his first company operating in the industry of groundwork with excavators and transportation.  2010 he moved into investments and real estate. Now has invest his capital to several business projects around the globe. Especially in Africa, to create new job opportunities and to build better societies.

Samuel Ejeh (Country Managing Director) – A Nigerian born, began his experience gathering from UAC handled projects for Lagos State Government and a Dubai based Private Firm in UAE. Currently he is investing into his dream lifestyle of creating happiness for people.

Participate in the major development of the African countries, improve the economic conditions and bridging the gap between rich and poor is some of their greatest vision.

This is evident as they also just open the doors to BOLSETH COCREATION HUB with shared office spaces for other Tech Startup Entrepreneurs and Developers.

Here they want to gather all the exciting and innovative tech startups and programmers to create a CO Working Community in Lagos. It´s high time to create such community in Lagos.

Bolseth Group will also function as a Incubator and Equity Investor Company, in the projects they find most interesting.

(Here Samuel, CMD – Introduce one of their Co Working rooms to their Insurance Partner Mansard from World wide AXA Group.)






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